Zkatter at Biz Tech day…

December 18th, 2009 Zkatdroid Comments off
Craig Numark <br> Matt Hagger

Craig Numark Matt Hagger

I had a great day at Biz Tech in Burlingame on October 23rd. It was great to catch up with Craig Numark from Craigslist amongst others and learn from fellow start up enterpreneurs, that little bit further down the line on how they cope with scale and how an overnight start-up sensation can affect your life.

Congratulations Edith Yeung for a very useful event!

I was asked to give some information on Zkatter, which you can find here.

Next stop New York City. . . . .

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Zkatter and Samsung commitment to Bada platform!

December 18th, 2009 Zkatdroid Comments off

Matt Hagger CEO ZkatterYesterday the Zkatter team was fortunate enough to attend the Worldwide Launch of Samsung’s ‘Bada’ platform where I believe we are seeing smartphone technology tip into mainstream and with that, the beginning of the end of the feature phone.

The mainstream consumer demands the experience of a smartphone, as a given, without paying a premium and as usual, I see Samsung (through Bada) are doing what they do best.  Hitting the market as the technology goes mainstream with an affordable alternative to iphone / android.

So what should we make of Bada?  Well, a combination of high performance handsets, affordable and accessible to the mainstream consumers combined with Samsungs global distribution means that it simply can’t be ignored.

So, naturally, Samsung are focusing on revenues that can gained from their application store and partnerships with developers.

We are delighted to announce that Zkatter have formed a partnership with Samsung are are looking forward to becoming one of the services to be unveiled on a Bada enabled device.

The video goes some way to highlight the potential of the SDK and it was fantastic to see Zkatter – an unlaunched service ranked alongside some of the biggest technology services and developers in the world such as Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter.

(See us right at the end)

Congratulations Samsung

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Welcome to the Zkattersphere!

July 30th, 2009 Zkatdroid Comments off

Welcome to the Zkattersphere where we replace real-time with real-life.

Generation Z is coming…….

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